About Emailchemy for ePADD

Emailchemy is a format migration software that converts email from closed, proprietary file formats to standard, portable formats that are more suitable for long-term preservation. Prior to the ePADD+ project, ePADD only imported mbox formats and IMAP ingest, although most collecting institutions receive email records in a wide variety of current and obsolete formats. The ePADD+ project team partnered with Weird Kid Software to develop a license for an embedded version of Emailchemy which enables the import of a wide variety of formats into ePADD and the export of eithe mbox or eml formats, both of which are appropriate preservation format options. 

ePADD remains a free and open-source tool, but users that require the ability to import and export formats other than mbox can benefit from Emailchemy for ePADD.

Emailchemy Dongle for ePADD Creator (EDEC)

If you have ePADD version 10.0 or later, you can purchase a license key for Emailchemy from Weird Kid Software. There is an Emailchemy Dongle for ePADD Creator application (EDEC, for short) that helps users create a license dongle, which is a license key installed on a USB/stick drive. Whenever you have the dongle inserted in your workstation, the Emailchemy functionality is enabled. By creating a dongle for your license key, your Emailchemy license is portable and can be shared across several workstations - though only one at a time.

Purchasing a license key lets you create a single license dongle, which you can use to enable Emailchemy's format conversion in ePADD. A single standard Emailchemy for ePADD license is $150.00 USD for an initial license and $99.00 USD for a renewal license each year. Renewing your license is recommended for continued compatibility with ePADD as new version are released.

TAX-EXEMPT INFORMATION: These licenses are currently sold and automatically delivered though Weird Kid Software's store, which has a special process for tax-exempt orders. Read more here: Consumer Support Form: Tax - FastSpring

Emailchemy for ePADD Functions

The original ePADD free and open-source software allows for the import of email via both IMAP import and directory upload of mbox files. However, most collecting institutions cannot designate the format in which they receive email records and have to employ either a single - or collection - of email format migration tools in order to convert the formats to mbox to use in ePADD. With Emailchemy for ePADD, users can directly import and export for the following formats:



** (Different versions of the Emailchemy license can write a broader spectrum of formats. This narrower profile of formats was customized for the Emailchemy for ePADD license and selected for their preservation suitability.)

ePADD Data Flow with Emailchemy Integration