ePADD is an open-source tool, and its sustainability relies on the community efforts and contributions. Stanford University's Special Collections & University Archives originally developed ePADD in partnership with Amuse Labs, and they advanced the first three round of grant-funded development.

In 2021, Stanford welcomed the University of Manchester and Harvard University as partners in the fourth cycle of grant-funded development for the Integrating Preservation Functionality into ePADD (ePADD+) project. As part of this grant, Stanford, Manchester, and Harvard launched a Steering Group and Code Group to further expand opportunities and lower barriers for direct community involvement.

Getting Involved

Steering Group

If you are interested in working with email archiving community members to shape the direction of ePADD, advance the roadmap, strategize on funding and grants, improve the user guide and more, you're invited to join the ePADD Steering Group!

Code Group

If you want to contribute directly to the ePADD codebase, help resolve issues and implement enhancements, and bring innovative ideas to fruition, the ePADD Code Group welcomes you!

User Listserv

Join the ePADD User Listserv to stay up to date on software updates and community news.