Version 11 Demos


Message Redaction

A new feature that allows users to redact emails in the Processing Module. After redaction users can toggle between the redacted and the unredacted version in the processing module.

correspondents merge.mp4

Merging Correspondents

A new feature that allows users to easily merge multiple correspondents by selecting them and clicking a merge button rather than manually editing the correspondents list.

Export Permission Label.mp4

Permissive Label

A new label type that allowing users to create custom permission labels and attach them to messages. The "Export to next ePADD module" (currently only from the processing module) and the "Download messages" functionality now have the option 'All permissive non-restricted messages,' meaning only messages with a permission label are exported (if they don't also have a "restriction" label attached). There is a default permission label called "Permitted for transfer."

Folder structure.mp4

Folder Structure View

When displaying a message, the header now includes a "folder" field showing the message's folder name and path.

Folder structure.mp4

Export Search Results as .CSV

A new feature that allows users to export the header information for messages found by a given search.

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